Do-it-yourself uluru tour: Day 5 - Kings Canyon


Kings canyon 6.55
Return 10.15

"The first bit is hard", I'd heard from several sources. But it wasn't that hard. Sure, it was steep. But it's just like walking up a lot of steps. And there's a nice little seat to rest part way up. And plenty of opportunities to stop and enjoy the view (catch your breath, take a photo).  I struggled due to the flu.  My throat was so sore it was burning. It reminded me of distance running, and it's been a long time since I've run distance. I can't even run to catch a tram now. Could barely manage a Cliffy Young shuffle with my knees. So yeah, I was glad when I got to the top and things levelled out. But in good health, I don't think it would be too hard at all. 


Overall, The valley of the Winds (Kata-Tjuta) was a more difficult walk because you have to navigate loose rock much of the way, which makes it easy to turn an ankle. You have to watch each step. Kings was literally nice, evenly placed natural steps due to the geological make up of the place. And in between, some nice national parks crew have cemented in extra steps and even matched the cement colour to the rocks so you don't even notice.

I was an hour and a half in before I saw another person. And then suddenly there they were, like a herd of camels cresting a dune. (below)


I was having a lot of fun creating these impressionistic versions of the landscape and I plan to get some printed up as they really capture the feel of the place much more than a specific picture. 


Back in yalara by 1.30. 
Hoping to still retain my licence and that all the warning signs about speed cameras etc were all bluff. 

I've lost my voice. I feel like shit. Two days off grid and the only person who noticed was a client chasing a print.

I do wish I had a nice resort room to sprawl in. Have a shower and a nap, instead of a 20 bed dorm. But at $400 a night and a two night minimum, as opposed to $38... I'll suck it up. 

I feel like my throat is bleeding, my chest is imploding and my head is a cesspool of snot.
I found a sunbed by the pool and collapsed on that. 

Home tomorrow. And planning to be up early and do the base walk. 

My overall thoughts on Kings Canyon are that if you're driving to or from Alice, definitely do it. But I wouldn't make a special trip from Uluru.