While I was walking...

Late one afternoon on a cold and gloomy day, I was at home feeling tired and snappy. I donned a coat and grabbed the camera and walked around the block. I moved to Fairfield earlier in the year and walk these streets often, but always on my way to a destination. This time, I had no goal other than to clear my thoughts. The first thing I noticed was the house number on the dilapidated fence a couple of doors down. 41. I don’t know if I’d call it a lucky number but it’s a significant number for me, and whilst I’d always been aware of the fence (in an otherwise orderly street its precarious state and the ramshackle yard it fronts is intriguing), I’d never noticed the number before. It was somehow reassuring.
I kept walking and looking around. Front yards, letter boxes, rusty gates, fences, trees, flowers, leaves, bark, porticos, arbours and architectural features.

The light was fading. I made it home just before the rain came down.
I can’t do mindfulness, but I can do this. I think it works just as good.

Have you been for a walk around your neighbourhood with a camera lately?

Sensuous Serendipity

I walked outside my back door and the wind had blown this little Bougainvillea beauty right onto my door mat. I stooped to pick it up and study it. Then placed it on my lightbox to capture the exquisite beauty of nature. 

I love the details that are so often overlooked in the bigger picture. The intricate patterns of the veins. The sensuality of a curve. 

Macro flower
macro flower photography

While I was procrastinating...

'tis a windy winters day in Melbourne. Instead of tackling the pile of paperwork on my desk, I photographed the paper daisies near the window. It's nice to be able to connect with the wonders of nature even if it's in the nice, warm confines of my bedroom.

I did start off with a much more complex idea, but ended up liking the simplicity of these shots. The shapes and patterns and lines and shadows and subtlety of colour all work nicely for me. 

As for the actual flower... strawflower, paper daisy, everlasting, helichrysum, Xerochrysum bracteatum, Rhodanthe chlorocephala? I have no idea. I'm trying to get better at identifying the flowers I photograph, but it's a bit of a mine field. If you know what it is, please leave a comment and help me out. 

Shot on Canon 5DmkII. 100mm Macro lens. Window light. 

(now to tackle the paperwork that hasn't miraculously dispeared)

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Group Exhibition

I'm curating a group exhibition to be held at Manningham Art Gallery (North-East Melbourne) in April 2017. The contributing participants are all past students who have attended a short course with me at RMIT. Oh, and me. That makes 10 of us. It's going to be great. 
I've been so caught up in making sure everyone else is on track, that I keep forgetting I have to take photos for it too. I had a change of plans on the weekend resulting in some rare free time, so I started working on some ideas. Here's one from the day. I'll be back with more soon and a bit more information about what it's all about. 

Testing, testing.

Hi there. Welcome to the new Wild Honey Photography site and blog. I'm still finding my way around. Here's a pretty pic just to see how things work. The site is under construction. Thank you for your patience while we rebuild. 

Wonderful Wisteria. Photographed in Canberra during the Floriade Festival, 2015

Wonderful Wisteria. Photographed in Canberra during the Floriade Festival, 2015