Do-it-yourself Tour - Day 4 Kings Canyon

Back from the sunrise flight. Pack up and check out and walk from the Outback Pioneer Lodge over the red dirt to the centre of town and hire a car. 


One of the best things about driving as opposed to bus'ing, it being able to stop whenever you want to take photos. Despite this wonderful opportunity, I only stopped twice (I really just wanted to get there). I hadn't heard of 'fool-uru' before (above) but apparently if you're heading to the rock from Alice many a tourist has been fooled thinking Mount Conner is Uluru. It's on private property but apparently you can get tours to there. If I were to come back again I'd definitely check it out. (The photo doesn't do it justice)

Arrived at Kings canyon resort. Questioning the cost and time of getting here. And the use of the term 'resort'. I'm at the lookout at the back of the resort and feel like in an old western movie. The isolation, desolation, quietness, heat, dryness. The wind whistles, the vista is sparse. The ridge of red rock jutting out of the ground... I'm half expecting tumbleweeds to roll past. Or roadrunner and coyote to appear.

There is one tree and the wind whistling through it is eerie. 

So far, I've seen one other person in the resort. And he looked like the baddy in the western.

It's so quiet it reminds me of those camps where you don't talk for 10 days. Which is probably good at the moment as I've pretty much lost my voice the few times I have spoken ( a few words at reception when I checked in).  
Maybe this is s detox camp. There's no phone service. Ergo no internet (there is an option to buy by satellite).
I find a few wildflowers to amuse me and then go and do some washing and wait for the sunset. 

Suddenly, the place comes alive. People come out of the woodwork and swarm to the previously mentioned isolated tree. There is a mobile bar and laughter and Grey Nomads and Young Backpackers and families all stand in appreciation as the sun soaks the cliff face in rich warm light. And then the light fades and people wander back to their campervans, tents and caravans. I have spoken to no-one. I suck at meeting people. Ok, it doesn't help that I'm sick as a dog and my voice is a croaky, squeaky, wheeze. 

Kings Canyon-9670.jpg

I linger a while though the light is low. I start experimening with shutter speeds and movement as I couldn't be bothered using the tripod. I like the colours and mood I capture. To me, the shots evoke the 'feel' of the environment. 


Warning: Worst pizza ever! Honestly, we've all had bad pizza from time to time, but nothing comes close to this. It was disgusting. I persevered through one piece thinking it must have been because I was sick that it tasted so bad. But really... No. 
I was planning to have half for dinner and take the rest with me for breakfast. Not a chance. Absolutely gross. Inedible.