Sometimes, in amongst the endless busy-ness of life, you need to step back and reassess. You need to look around and see if you're headed in the right direction. You need to ask yourself if the busy-ness is adding value to your life. Are you busy doing what matters to you or are you just busy. 


Sometimes, you need to create a bit of space. Space to think. Space to feel. Space to ponder and wonder. Space to breath out. 


I caught up with my big bro recently. He's learnt to take space. It took a major operation a few years ago to really push him into action. He had severe ulcerative colitis that didn't respond to treatment. Not fun. He dreaded the operation that would remove large bits of his insides (I dunno what. Colon? Bowel? Major bits!). It took a good while to recover. Then he bought himself the motorbike he's always wanted and started trekking about the country. Now he's bought himself a camera and he's taking pretty good photos. He's got a job he's pretty happy with. Life's not perfect. It never is. But he's making the most of it. (If you want to follow him he's on Instagram as mbstewart07 and if you're into Veggie Gardening he has a blog here). 

This photo was taken at Brisbane's Southbank Parklands. I leant him my 70-200mm lens which should come with free gym membership because it's so fecking heavy. It used to be my favourite lens but it's getting tricky trekking between Melbourne and the Sunny Coast keeping the carry on luggage under 7kg with that baby in the kit. I haven't been using it since I bought the 100mm macro anyway. And I'm using the Fujifilm XT-2 more and more...

But this wasn't meant to be about him. Or cameras and lenses. 


It's about creating space. Stepping back. Taking time. And then moving forward again in the direction you want to go. It's about learning to say no. It's about looking after yourself. Looking after not only your physical health but your mental health. 


I've cut back on teaching this semester to give myself some time to catch up on all the things on my to-do list that never get done. (Things like updating my website, amongst a thousand other things!).  I'm learning to say no to things that don't fit with me. I'm learning to ask for what I want and need. (and yes, I will regret this every payday, but sometimes you have to work towards the bigger picture).
It's nice. Instead of the frantic and exhausting go-go-go, I can feel a lightness. 
It's my birthday next week. I've decided to claim the whole month to celebrate. Then I'll tackle that to-do list and see how far I get. 
I hope you take the time to step back and create some space. For you. (Unless you're a selfish git. Then maybe you should step up and do something to help someone else).

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