Level 2 Photography Course - Student Profile

Jarrod Fogarty

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Jarrod's a busy man, a builder with apprentices on the job, but he's a keen photography student so when I set the task of choosing one day and taking a photograph every hour, he documented a typical work day, from start to finish. He makes a building site look pretty damn interesting.

He came to class thinking they were pretty ordinary photos and it took a while to convince him that he tells a great story with his images. Jarrod did the Intro to Photography earlier in the year and once he figured out what the camera could do, he was hooked. This task was early on in the Level 2 course and Jarrod continued to improve his photography skills and impress us with his unique way of seeing the world. The shot of the shoes above was his high-key submission. Below you can see the slideshow of his 'Day in the life' series. And you can read more about Jarrod below that. 

A day in the life of a builder. 

What camera are you shooting with?
I'm currently/still shooting with my original camera which is a Canon EOS 1300D

What's your favourite lens?

Other than my 18-55mm kit lens, at the moment, I only have a Canon EF 50mm f/1.8, and a Canon EFS 24mm f/2.8, but due to the crop sensor factor of my non full frame camera I don't get those focal lengths. I enjoy using all three at this stage of my photography journey. I recently purchased a 10stop ND filter to fit my kit lens, so thats been getting the most use at the moment.

Is there a lens or other piece of equipment you wish you had?

Not that I wish I had. An upgrade of the camera will be on the cards soon and some more lenses that cover most focal lengths. I also like the creative images that tilt shift lenses and lensbaby lenses create, so wouldn't mind those to add to the kit. I've been getting bits and pieces along the journey like extension tubes and ND filters just to mix it up a bit. 

What did you enjoy or learn or like the best about the Level 2 class?

You know the answer to this one already haha. I really enjoyed being given homework to submit each week. Being set a task of photos to create using the skills/techniques/concepts that we went over that day, was quite fun. To be honest thats when I think I learnt the most. I also think I learnt to look for the light more, and how important this aspect is in photography. Especially while we were doing high and low key, and high contrast. 

How/why/when did you get interested in photography?

It was my trip to Nepal last november that got me interested in photography. I didn't have a camera so my partner bought me one before I left. I was pretty much just shooting in auto while there, and felt a bit guilty having a decent camera and not knowing how to use it properly. When I got back I started watching and reading tutorials online, many of which I found conflicting, thats when I decided I had to be taught. 

How old are you? 

Im 31 years old. Still trying to convince myself I haven't picked up a camera too late!!! 

Are you working on a photography project?

Im not working on an official project as yet. But I am spending a fair bit of time out doing daytime long exposure shots. Thats where my interests lie at the moment. 

Photography Course-7779.jpg

Do you have a website/instagram/facebook page we can stalk you on?

Not as yet, Instagram not far away

Would you like to go pro one day or is your photography strictly for fun?

Haha that would be my dream job. I'd love to be able to travel and take photos for a living, unfortunately I don't see it happening any time soon. Maybe you could hook me up with a job Deb? hahaha. I'm pretty happy doing it for fun at the moment, shooting most weekends, but can never stop dreaming right?

What do you like to do when you're not taking photos?

At the moment thats all I really have been doing in my spare time this year.

You have a unique way of looking at the world photographically. Can you share how or where you get your ideas/inspiration from? Or the process you go through in planning a photo?

To be honest I don't really have a process that I go through. If I have something in mind I might have a quick look online like pinterest or something, but try put my own kind of style into it. I feel my composition and design is my strong point so I try to use these as my key elements in my photos. I also like seeing the world from down low, always looking for a different angle, a more interesting angle.

What's next for you with your photography?

Whats next? Im just gonna keep doing what I'm doing, trying to shoot most weekends that I'm free. Hopefully just keep learning, keep trying new stuff and mixing up genres/styles and get some of my photos out there for people to see. Maybe a little project should be next!!!!


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