Plitvice National Park. While I was walking...

Day 1 /2

After Krka, we were prepared to be disappointed. But bloody hell, Plitvice blew us away. It was a cold, misty day. We had planned to buy rain covers from the gift shop at the entrance but they don’t open until 8 and we were there just after 7am. It was only a light shower. We’ll be right, we thought. We were wrong. We got drenched. It wasn’t just a light shower. It wasn’t even a heavy storm that passes over. It was constant, steady rain. It did ease now and then but for most of the morning we were trying to keep rain drops off of our lenses.

There’s no contest between Krka and Plitvice. Do yourself a favour and skip Krka and spend an extra day at Plitvice. But go early to dodge the crowds. Even in the pouring rain, by the time we were leaving there were bus loads of people turning up.

The park itself is stunning. The staff and the signage and information provided isn’t very helpful though. (I’ve reassessed my view on the people of Croatia as being friendly. They are polite but you do get the sense that you are a nuisance). It wasn’t over commercialised like Krka. And the soul of the place is still strong despite the swarms of tourists. The infrastrutcure in the park worked well. There were boats and buses to get people to and from different walks. The pathways blended well with the environment. For our first morning at Plitvice and despite the constant rain, we were in love with Plitvice.