Happy Birthday to Me, from my daughter.

Aka, luckiest mum in the world. I have two very special kids. Rebekah wrote this (on Facebook) for my Birthday. 

This is my Mum.

Deb in Sahara.jpg

Sometimes she forgets who she is. Sometimes she feels a bit lost in the world.

I know who she is. 
Joey knows too.

Now that we're full proper grown ups, we're going to tell you a bit about our mum.

If you've met her I think you will agree that she certainly is a mum, but she is so much more as well.

This person is the strongest person in the whole world.

She has lifted and carried Joey and I through all sorts of challenges we couldn't make it through on our own.

From autism, epilepsy, anxiety and depression - she never tried to "fix" us.

She alone guided us, she was patient with us, she was supportive, kind, and she believed in us.

She recognized the challenges that we could overcome on our own and encouraged us. She empowered us. She would pick us up, dust us off, and wait at least an hour before deciding if we needed to go to hospital or not (I could be dramatic at times. But the broken leg was legit.)

She is calm in a crisis. She has extinguished multiple, literal fires.

In this photo we were in the Sahara desert. She is an adventurer but
she is a also a home body, a home owner, a home maker and home builder.

She is a teacher, an artist, an intellectual. She is passionate and incredible. She is inspired and inspiring.

There is no one else like her.

We exist in awe of her. Even when she feels flawed and flat and frail (as all sensitive people do sometimes), she has achieved more than you could imagine.

We love her endlessly. Unwaveringly. We could flood the Sahara with our love until it was an overflowing ocean.
We could fill the MCG a million times over with it and still have more left over.

If she ever doubts herself, we never will.

Happy birthday Mum.
(Sorry we can be little shits sometimes)