Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers Photography Holiday

It's 8 weeks until the Carnival Weekend Getaway. (Tour? Workshop? Holiday?).  

I thought I'd share some thoughts on why I'm doing this and what it's all about.  It's not too late to book.

Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers Photography

Why Toowoomba? 

1. It has so much to offer in one location.

2. The Carnival weekend is splendid with opportunities. 

3. The parks and gardens are at their most spectacular for the Carnival.

4. There's also Parades, and Fireworks and Markets and Old Churches and Street Art and endless other things to photograph. 

5. I grew up in Toowoomba

6. My brother is co-hosting the tour with me and he still lives in Toowoomba and is a Prize Winning gardener. 

7. You get to practice a wide range of photography skills in the one (long) weekend, including macro and action and landscape and low light and fireworks. A bit of everything!

8. I've booked the most amazing, historic accommodation to make this a really special getaway. 

9. There's also a photography exhibition we will visit to inspire us on our photographic journey.

If you've been to Toowoomba for the Carnival of Flowers before, I'd love to hear what you liked best. You can leave a comment on the blog or pop over to the Facebook page and leave a comment there. 

I'll be back with some more thoughts in a new post soon.