Organ Pipes National Park

I'd been past the sign dozens of times but I'd never been to Hanging Rock. So on New Years Day I charged up the camera battery and set off to finally explore it. It's only an hour up the road and there was a great episode on Radio National on Blind Willie Johnson to keep me bopping along.

But Hanging Rock is going to have to wait for another day as I decided not to pay the $25 entry fee which I later discovered was because there was a New Years Race Day on.

So instead I called in to the Organ Pipes National Park. Good call. Firstly, it was free. And it was just perfect. Not crowded. Plenty of things to photograph. And my soul just sings when I'm walking along in nature with my camera in my hand. It's my happy place. 

Here's a couple of favourites from my wanderings.
Next time I'll take the aerogard though.